Rankings June/July


SexTrack has been available for 3 months now and we are ecstatic to be able to publish the first global results! Based on the highscores our sex experts have made an analysis of June & July 2011. In addition, they have provides us with their predictions for the following two months. Who is interested in finding out what the best destinations in the world are for a holiday? We thought you might be…So toss out your guidebooks, get a cold drink and be inspired!

Travel wisely,

Team SexTrack

Analysis & travel advice

Including Russia, there are 7 European nations in the global top 10. The UK and Germany even earned the gold and bronze medals. In part, this is because of the widespread availability and use of the iPhone in this area, compared to other regions. Another reason is, of course, is the summer season and all the hot, sweaty nights it has to offer! However, the two largest countries in South America, where there is winter, are well placed in the top 5. Brazil even reached the runner-up spot in the first few months and scores high on duration (21 minutes on average). We expect to see them at the top of the rankings as soon as springtime is here… Germany on the other hand will most likely lose its place on the podium, because the competition with Argentina will get tougher as well. Asia is not represented in the top of the chart. However, our statistics show that Japan is the place to be if you like your sessions short (3.47 minutes on average) and very intense (23 StN on average).

In conclusion, if you are looking for some good all-round lovin’, you can still spend a couple of months in Europe, though time will be limited. Lastly, for the people who believe in the Italian stallion, avoid the northern part of Italy, since the locals are all on holiday (to the south, actually…). This means there are only tourists there…Yeah, like yourself.